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Frank Assunto Jr.

Frank Assunto Jr. of lead singer and gutarist for the 70's New Orleans rock band, The Dukes, son of famed trumpeter Frank Assunto of the the Dukes of Dixiland is currently in grim condition in a hospital in Dallas. He had a Uhaul packed and ready to come back, when he had to go to the hospital. He was on his way out, discharged, when he slipped on a tall staircase and broke his back, when they were treating his back they found his body was riddled with cancer. He will never make it home. If you know anyone who was out and about the music scene at that time, please let them know. His family could really use some support and a lot of prayers. Some of his friends have come together to throw a benefit for him and his family to help with the medical costs this coming Sunday. The flyer is under the cut.

frank's benefit
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