Any musicians with gear, I need a favor.

Oi guys! HELP! As far as I know we're still needing these things for the Psycho Delia show at the Den of Muses on March 8th.

Drum kit- entire kit
Electric guitar
2 Mics
One regular mic stand
One boom stand? Maybe

If you help me I will give you booze. And possibly cake. But mostly booze.

Just for perspective, in case anyone is worried. This would be just for the one show that evening of the 8th which the owner of the instruments would be at and could subsequently pack them up as soon as the show was over and take them home ... along with the booze of their choosing ... and cake.

finally moving!

hi all.

you may remember me from my previous moving-related posts.... well, the day is almost here. i'll be moving down to the NOLA area with an arrival date of april 1 and jobs lined up. so.... if you love your apartment and the building has a vacancy coming, please please let me know! or if you have recommendations for a person or company to go through to help find an apartment since i'm so far away, let me know that too!

thanks so much for any help (including any past help.) :)

Transgender Day of Remembrance Events

The Louisiana Trans Advocates Transgender Day of Remembrance events:

New Orleans
Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 at 7:00 PM
First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans
2903 Jefferson Ave, New Orleans, La
Facebook RSVP:

Baton Rouge
Thursday, November 21st, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge
8740 Goodwood Blvd, Baton Rouge, La
Facebook RSVP:

Sunday, November 24th, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Acadiana Cares
811 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Lafayette La.
Facebook RSVP:
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so about that moving thing...

oh hai.

so, now that i've gotten a lot of things out of the way in seattle, moving is again back on the table. i'm looking at spring, when my lease is up (you might remember my previous 'the rent is way too high in seattle' post. well, that's not getting much better, i just managed to 1- room with someone for a while to save a little and 2- find a 6 month lease after that.)

i've been poking around and looking at cost of living in relation to seattle; realistically, almost every damn city in the country is cheaper. but if you fine people could provide some kind of numbers, that'd be great. i'm also figuring that car insurance might be kind of high, and that flood insurance is something i would need that also might get pricey. any light you can shed on that is great.

so, in seattle, living in a very desirable neighborhood (so desirable i had to leave it), the numbers looked like this:

-rent for a 350-400 sq foot studio apartment: $835 per month (the same building raised this to 1100). outlying areas of seattle are becoming just as expensive as the city itself but might be marginally cheaper.

-car insurance: $64 (this is minimum coverage only. it's what i had to have by law to drive the car. and since i moved out of that neighborhood it's lower, but not by much.)

- utilities: water, sewer and gas are generally included in many seattle rents. electric ran me about $30 every two months due to the small apartment size. internet: $60-70 each month.

- groceries (me and a cat, one week): approx. $50 (give or take. less some weeks, but covering bases)

- a decent beer at a bar that isn't a dive: $6-7 (i consider a dive bar one where i'd feel unsafe or uncomfortable as a woman alone)

- a good, non-fast food american meal out (ie, not mc donald's, but possibly still a burger or sandwich served with a waitress involved): $8-12 (the eight bucks is if you get a water instead of any kind of drink, and it's lowballing).

- renewing tabs/registration stickers on your car: $120 (please tell me this is lower)

- paying a parking ticket: $47

- parking your car somewhere for about three hours/parking garage/street parking: $2 per hour via pay-to-park kiosk; garages/lots are higher

- bus fare: approx. $2 depending on length of ride and time of day

- seeing a movie: $12.50-15 (the lower price is the matinee)

- a cup of coffee (somewhere other than a starbucks or chain): $2 plus a free refill (hey, this is seattle. we had to get something right.)

- a gallon of gas: last i checked, it was $3.80 for regular. it's been up to $4 in the not so distant past.*

anything else you can think of to share in the cost of living regard is appreciated. i'll be dealing with fees and insurance based on my profession, so i really want to make sure i know what i'm in for before i get too far into this.

thanks for any help!

*gas is cheaper outside the city, but i don't really get outside the city much. and since i'd be moving to another city, i want to compare prices that way. i've seen it as much as thirty cents cheaper, depending on the day, on the other side of lake washington. (not that far, but far enough because of traffic that i'm not going to go over there to run errands).


Journey into the Time Vortex, and Celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who! Opened for the occasion by
The Consortium of Genius and Krewe du Who!

Celebrating the 50 Year Anniversary of Doctor Who, the longest running TV program in history! As media the world over cast their eyes back along the years we here in New Orleans are celebrating in the way we are best known for: by throwing a party!

Whether you are a fan of the black and white era, the UNIT days, or you think bow ties are cool come join your fellow Whovians for a day of socializing and entertainment!

We promise you'll leave feeling regenerated! Like the show itself, our event is all ages. We may even find a sofa for the little ones to hide behind!

NOLA Time Fest 2013 Materializing Again,
for the First Time!

June 29, 2013 2PM - 9PM

Jefferson Orleans North
2600 Edenborn Ave, Metairie, LA 70002

$15 Admission. All ages admitted with adult supervision.

Buy them here:

PROGRAMMING to include:

The Sartorial Arts of Gallifrey - Workshop on Whovian costume making and cosplay.

A View Through The Vortex - Panel on the past, present and future of Doctor Who.

Time Toys and Comics, Collecting Collectibles - Raconteur DC Harbold of More Fun Comics and Clockwork Elvis brings us down to Earth with his specialty.

The Robes of Rassilon Costume Contest -Hosted by Margali Morwentari, Sorceress-at-Large, Wicked Wit[ch] and erstwhile host of Thriller Theatre.

Sonic Screwdriver Sock Hop - Musical guest the Consortium of Genius will be breaking out their Time Door and entering the Vortex unshielded! Special guest performance by KdW's own tin-dog, K-9 who will break it down Cyber-style with Drumbot! 

MEANWHILE Moving on a parallel time track:

Time Corridor Hall - Costume awards throughout the event presented by Loki from!

Doctor Who Pinball Tournament - Hosted by Greg Garner, gamers will test their skills on the vintage Bally Doctor Who pinball game machine!

Prom Pictures from Skaro - Get a Whovian portrait! From Bad Wolf Bay to Metebelis 3 a wide array of destinations await!

Shoot the Daleks Extermination Booth - Take your best aim at the Scourge of Scaro, before Time runs out! 50% of the funds raised at the Shoot the Daleks Extermination Booth will go directly to Camp Challenge, a grass roots non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of young hematology/oncology patients includung, but not limited to, cancer and sickle cell disorders, their siblings and survivors by creating a week-long camping experience at no cost.

Dealers in Temporal Antiquities - Local dealers shall entice you with their selection of fine merchandise from across time, space, and the parish line!

The Consortium of Genius, Nola Time Fest Co-producers
and MASTERS of Musical Mayhem

NOLA Time Fest's dance will be MASTER-fully conducted by the Consortium of Genius, a cabal of Time Traveling mad DOCTORS, WHO, with their robot drummer, have made it their goal to rock the universe to its knees! As evidence that their hearts are in the right place(s), here is a sample of the sound they will radiate at 7pm on Saturday, June 29th.

Krewe du Who, Nola Time Fest Co-producers

Hailing from across the Louisiana Gulf South, Krewe du Who is a community of Doctor Who fans young and young at hearts. They are a diverse group, bound together by their passion for Doctor Who. They embrace the New Series, Classic Series, Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish Audio Dramas and all things Doctor Who related.

Of note: 50% of the proceeds from The Shoot the Daleks Booth goes to support Oncology patients via

» kenzi; smelling flowers.

apartment/rental house hunting

I currently live in Metairie, and I'd like to stay in the general New Orleans area. I've been hunting relentlessly through craigslist but no luck. Max I'm looking to spent is 800 a month, pet friendly with one or two bedrooms, and something definitely with hardwood floors. My boyfriend is a stickler for a good neighborhood kind of place. I want some place that's in the general vicinity of ALL THE THINGS, or something that resembles civilization anyway.

I'm hoping someone here has seen a FOR RENT sign or something that I can try and see. :/ desperate!!
  • sxdx

Apartment Search

I feel like I'm looking for the impossible.

I'm 24, New Orleans born, Tulane student, and I'm looking for a 1 bedroom in the FQ or Marigny with a max rent of $1,100.

The problem is that I don't have great credit or a job currently. I intend on getting a job downtown and I know I can pretty quickly but not until I get an apartment there. What I do have is the ability to cut a check immediately for the first 6 months rent. My trust fund states I can only use it for living expenses and I can provide proof of the money as well as a legal agreement stating that the money can only be released for living expenses. I don't have any pets. I do have previous rental history but there's no way to get in touch with those landlords as I haven't kept up with them, obviously. They were both just individuals not any sort of company and no longer rent their property. I have utilities in my name going back to 2009 that have never been late.

Any suggestions? There are places I've found but all seem super strict about credit checks and proof of employment. Per my trust, I HAVE to get a job within 4 weeks of moving in so I'm not going to be unemployed forever.

I went in to this feeling really positive and I'm not feeling that way anymore.
oncoming storm
  • medelle

Voting tomorrow

I was looking up my polling place for tomorrow and discovered that somehow my registration never got switched over to JP when I moved from Orleans.

I'm listed as inactive in Orleans Parish and not listed as being registered at all in Jefferson. Does anyone know what I need to do to still be able to vote tomm? Or am I just SOL ?

My ID has my JP address on it so I can't just go vote in Orleans as a friend suggested.