Auryn (auryn24) wrote in neworleans,

State of the Nation?

Hurricane Katrina: The greatest catastrophe that this nation has seen and we got 36 seconds of Bush's State of the Nation address.

According to Bush, "the state of the nation is strong."

According to my map, Louisiana (and Mississippi) is still part of the nation.

Am I missing something, or have we finally broke loose and are floating in the Gulf?

I busted my ass, keeping people alive in the hospital during Katrina. People busted their asses keeping themselves and others alive during Katrina. We are still struggling TO THIS DAY, with very little difference from when the water finally receeded.

Bush, have you forgotten about us or have you pushed us to the back of your brain because you have this Iraq fetish? Please come and take care of your people . I was not impressed with the speech. Doesn't give me any insight...

Thoughts? (sorry if this is not allowed. feel free to delete if not allowed. also, sorry if I offended.)
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