cobaltgreen (cobaltgreen) wrote in neworleans,

Krewe du Vieux

pics from last night's parade for those of you who might have missed it (or forget your camera!)

"Le Bon Temps" will return... but for now "Laissez les TRAILERS roulez!"

I always love the skeleton group...

Note the blue roof and floodgear...

... and swimwear.

Every member of this group wore blue tarps!

Sarcasm noted:

After the parade most bars and restaurants (aside from the expected packed houses in Molly's, Angeli, etc) were closed and the Quarter felt lifeless (I'm very sad to say).

One bar near Jackson Square started turning people away at the door at 9pm before the parade had even passed. Actions like that are as destructive to the rebuilding of the city as people moving away. We even tried going to St. Charles Tavern but they closed at 10. Fortunately the Japanese work ethic open late across the street kept us fed...

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