November 3rd, 2009

say what?!?

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Bike routes?

Hey folks,

I need some help planning my bike route from work to school, and from school to home. I've tried it a few times and it is NOT working out so far...

I need to get from the CBD (Camp and Poydras) to UNO Lakefront (Elysian Fields and Leon Simon), leaving at 4pm on certain weekdays.

Then I need to get from UNO Lakefront to Magazine Street and Harmony at around 7 pm on certain weekdays.

Any tips? Anyone? Anyone?
bow down to me

true story.

The setting: House of Shock. The stage show.

Before the assembled mass, a Demon and an Angel are fighting over the souls of the audience.

The angel cries, and screams to those watching- "Who is your champion? WHO DO YOU CHOOSE?!?"

With triumph in his voice, a true New Orleanian replies with the only possible answer.