J. Bradley (jbradley) wrote in neworleans,
J. Bradley

J. Bradley @ The Zeitgeist

Sunday, November 8 @ 5pm – Zeitgeist (1618 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd).  I’m doing a full set of poems from and not from Dodging Traffic.  Hope to see y'all there. (iheartfailure.net)

"J. Bradley is the Veruca Salt of the literary chocolate factory, writing with a satirical brazenness that leaves cavities among the readers eyes. There is a sugary darkness to his work and a lackadaisical charm; that of a black-market dental hygienist. J. delivers new audacity, important romance, and certainty. He acknowledges the sensational ugly without apprehension. His ideas are of an entirely different species and his wit knocks at postmodern... stunned today, laughing tomorrow. Dodging Traffic is the classic, the sequel will forever envy." - Sarah Morgan, author of Animal Ballistics


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