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Bedlam playlist & photos

Here it is. Here they are.

DJ Schadenfreude

1.Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together
2.Portishead – Wandering Star
3.Placebo – Every Me Every You (Sneakerpimps remix)
4.Richard Cheese – Naughty Girl
5.Audra – You're So Pretty [1]
6.Eric Cartman, Christopher Walken and Lady Gaga – Poker face (edit by DJ Schadenfreude) [2]
7.Dresden Dolls - Girl Anachronism
8.The Heads – The Damage I've Done

DJ Baby Bat
1.Echo & the Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
2.Blue Blue Blue – Shadows of Shadows
3.X-Mal Deutschland – Mondlicht
4.Miranda Sex Garden – Sunshine
5.Trance to the Sun – You Can Never Cut Your Hair
6.Clan of Xymox – Stranger (2004 Mix)
7.Specimen – Beauty of Poison

DJ Wrappedinplastic

1.Specimen- In Shreds
2.Joy Division- She's Lost Control
3.Cure- A Few Hours After This
4.Marionettes- Ave Dementia
5.VAST- I'm Dying
6.Cocteau Twins- Persephone

DJ Angelle

1.Bel Canto – Bombay
2.Beats Antique – Roustabout (bassnectaar rm)
3.Coil – Windowpane
4.Garbage = #1 Crush (ind. Access mix)
5.De/vision – Strange Attraction [R]
6.Depeche Mode – Dirt
7.Puscifer -rcv 22:20
8.Kidney Thieves – Taxicab Messiah [R]

DJ Schadenfreude

1.The Knife – Marble House (davidandrewsiteks KNIFEHORSE remix)
2.Gary Numan – Crazier
3.Repo OST – Zydrate Anatomy
4.Skinny Puppy – Worlock
5.DJ Lock3down – Papa Was Gone (Wolfsheim v. the Temptations)
6.Sisters of Mercy – First and Last and Always (from the remastered edition)
7.DVDA – Burn Down Hot Topic (edit by DJ Schadenfreude)
8.Zombina & the Skeletones - Lovedroid
9.Rasputina - Barracuda

DJ WrappedInPlastic

1.Tapping The Vein- Cornflake
2.Snake River Conspiracy- Love Song (unmasked desperation mix by Faeth en Ztatik) (R)
3.P.J. Harvey- Down By The Water
4.Creatures- Exterminating Angel
5.Curve- Horror Head
6.Delerium- Flowers Become Screens
7.Sarah MacLachlan- Fear (Lunasol mix)

DJ Angelle

1.Sinead O'Connor – I am stretched on your grave
2. Switchblade Symphony – Invisible
3. Xorcist – Scorched Blood [R]
4. :w: - Wreath Of Barbs
5. Dead Can Dance – Ubiquitous Mr.Lovegrove [R]
6. Wolfsheim – Touch
7. Jem – Come On Closer [R]
8. Jace Everett – Bad Things
9. Ghastly Ones – Shockmonster Stomp

DJ Schadenfreude

1.HorrorPops – Psychobitches Outta Hell
2.Pig – Just Like You [3]
3.Howie Beno & Lucia Cifarelli – She Bop
4.Malign – Skin & Lye (by request)
5.Richard O'Brien – Shock Treatment
6.Bjork – Gloomy Sunday

[1] The best serial killer song since “Wave of Mutilation.”
[2] The EA show was still going on, so I might as well have gotten this out of my system now.
[3] Though I find it patronising to note these things on a playlist, this is a cover of Pre-Land Of Rape And Honey Ministry. The next song is, as you all know, a cover of Cyndi Lauper. Draw what conclusions you will.

Sunday is gloomy, my hours are slumberless:

I'll stop posting pictures of this one when she stops dressing so well:

Our lovely guest DJ:

The one crowd photo I took, included solely for its artistic merits:

And finally, one I took on the way home. Note: I am not a sports fan.


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