Iggyboo (iggyboo504) wrote in neworleans,

Entergy WTF?!

Hi all,
I was hoping some in this community could help me with the complete moment of WTF I just had when looking at my new Entergy bill that just arrived.
I just moved to Orleans Parish after living in Metairie for quite some time. I've never been in the situation of paying a gas bill before, but this strikes me as completely ridiculous. For last month - 1 month - of just gas usage, not including electric, they're trying to charge me $200!

My bill says my Gas Base Rate Charge is $68.33, which I find perfectly reasonable. Then there is some other charge for Purchased Gas Cost 154 CCF@$0.70903 for $109.19. Add in all their other little fees and my total comes up to $197.25.
There has to be some mistake, right? I tried calling a representative but their service center closes at 7 so I'll be stressing over this all night, at least.

Has anyone else ever received a completely ludicrous bill from Entergy, and if you have, have you been successful in not letting them bend you over sans lube? I knew my utilities were going to be a bit more expensive when I moved, but I certainly wasn't expecting to be charged $200 for one month of cooking and hot water!

Thanks for any help or advice you may have to give. I appreciate it.

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