NOLA MOMMA (sxdx) wrote in neworleans,

Apartment Search

I feel like I'm looking for the impossible.

I'm 24, New Orleans born, Tulane student, and I'm looking for a 1 bedroom in the FQ or Marigny with a max rent of $1,100.

The problem is that I don't have great credit or a job currently. I intend on getting a job downtown and I know I can pretty quickly but not until I get an apartment there. What I do have is the ability to cut a check immediately for the first 6 months rent. My trust fund states I can only use it for living expenses and I can provide proof of the money as well as a legal agreement stating that the money can only be released for living expenses. I don't have any pets. I do have previous rental history but there's no way to get in touch with those landlords as I haven't kept up with them, obviously. They were both just individuals not any sort of company and no longer rent their property. I have utilities in my name going back to 2009 that have never been late.

Any suggestions? There are places I've found but all seem super strict about credit checks and proof of employment. Per my trust, I HAVE to get a job within 4 weeks of moving in so I'm not going to be unemployed forever.

I went in to this feeling really positive and I'm not feeling that way anymore.
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