Alright My Nerdcore Brethren!!!!!!

Saturday December First Starting at 7pm Set Your Phasers to Stunning: Sci Fi Fashion Show and Comic Con After Party!  

Where? At the Howlin Wolf 907 South Peters, New Orleans Louisiana 70130

I'll be there with my Krewe Du Who and Chewbacchus Krewe helping manage the event, wrangling the costume models, and essentially being my maniacally friendly self.  Come on down and play! With nerds like us, who needs normal friends! As Sherlock probably would say, "Normal is boring!"

Here's the link for more info and pricing!
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Pet sitters

I am in need of a good pet sitter. Does anyone have any recommendations? Would like a professional who is bonded and insured, has solid references etc.

Also would like someone who has a solid emergency plan in case of hurricane or the like. (The pet sitter we used during Katrina left without even bothering to contact us and tell us the status of our cats)

Any suggestions or personal recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


PLEASE come out on Saturday Sept 15th, to help us recover from the flood caused by Isaac. Any amount of time from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Just show up, help in any way you can. If you have work gloves or yard tools (rake, shovel, weedeater, etc) please feel free to bring them. FLOOD PHOTOS:

46468 River Road, Hammond LA 70401
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apartment hunting

So for the first time in forever, I'm apartment hunting.  Where do all the cool kids post apartment listings these days?  Any landlords/complexes I should definitely avoid?  Thanks!
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Moving Sale

Hey LJ friends, due to circumstances I have to leave town very very soon. Why does this matter to you? I can only take what fits in my car and I have a house full of stuff. I want to sell (or in some cases give) you nearly anything you'd for low low prices.

This includes:
queen size bed
stainless steel desk
big screen t.v.
2 small book cases
chest of drawers
playstation 2 and games
supernintendo and games
2 lamps
entertainment center
small chair and ottoman
various other chairs

I'll part with most anything. If you'd like further info on anything, drop me an email or private message. There's things I'm sure I forgot too. Let me exodus be to your advantage!
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Medical Professional Recommendation

Hey there lovely community,

I'm in need of a medical professional (doctor, physical therapist, pain clinician) that can help me deal with a herniated disc.

It happened about two years ago and i got some medication for it at the time that helped but didn't resolve it (prednazone), then got an MRI done and then an epidural steroid injection which also helped, but then i exacerbated it and now it's been acting up again for the past few months. I want to potentially get another shot for it as i've heard that sometimes those shots are best in threes, but i'm open to other treatments.

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Thanks in advance!